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These phalaenopsis bloom  were allowed to bloom on the plant or two months. Following this, they were cut for this simple elegant arrangement where they remained fresh for more than a week.


Orchid Flowers 
in Floral Arrangements and Centerpieces

Orchid flowers add an exotic touch to floral arrangements and  other flower centerpieces. From subtle to stunning, orchids can enhance your flower arrangements, orchid garden displays and other floral flights of fancy. Here we presents a few photographs to inspire you to create your own orchid flower arrangements and share some tips to make them last longer.  



Many orchids are quite long lasting as cut flowers. Generally, the waxier or thicker the flowers, the longer they will last. Suitable candidates are cymbidiums, complex paphs, dendrobiums, vandas, arandas, and mokaras. While local florists may only carry a few orchids, online orchid florists will be able to deliver more varieties to your door for a lot less. Orchids work well with other flowers and foliage, or on their own. See our photos below for ideas, and then  read on for more tips on how to make your orchid floral arrangements last longer. 

white phalaenopsis as cut flowers
 A sculptural flower arrangement featuring 
white phalaenopsis orchids

orchid garden
Orchid Garden at the Japan Grand Prix
featuring Masdevallias and mini-Catts


An orchid container garden in warmer colors featuring live orchid plants


Ikebana Floral Arrangement
This Ikebana flower arrangement more than ten feet wide features bouquets of tiny yellow oncidium  flowers nestled among the twisted limbs and vines


-Buy only top quality fresh blooms.

-Submerge cymbidiums, phals, dendrobiums, mokaras, and vandas in tepid water for a few minutes first, if they appear wilted.

-Cut stems cleanly under water at an angle before arranging. Repeat every week. Also change water weekly.

-Keep your blooming orchids out of cold/hot drafts and out of direct sun.  Flowers will last longer under cooler conditions, especially cymbidiums. 

-Keep phals, dendrobiums, vandas, and mokaras with unopened blooms in bright light to encourage blooms to open. Usually, several buds on the tips of orchid stems will remain unopened. 



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