Paphiopedilum armeniacum


armeniacum bloom

armeniacum frontal


armeniacum in bud


Arguably the most striking of the parvisepalums, paph armeniacum has garnered almost 100 AOS awards since its introduction in the US more than a decade ago. Even so, its popularity remains undiminished. With its large golden yellow flowers and amazing pouch, it is easy to see why.

Paph armeniacum blooms on a compact plant, which is often dwarfed by the size of the flower. The plant pictured is blooming in a  3" pot! The bud develops very slowly turning from green to yellow-green as it matures (see photo lower left). Once the flower open the pouch slowly inflates to its full size. The picture to the left shows the bloom a day or so after opening. The picture to the top left shows the same bloom about a week later. Notice that the pouch has increased further in size and that the petals and dorsal have become more 'wavy'.  There are fine reddish spots inside the pouch as illustrated in the close-up below, that add visual interest.

Paph armeniacum has been used extensively in breeding, often with other parvisepalum slipper orchids. passing on its generous flower size, broad petal width,  compact growth habit, and often its brilliant golden colour to its progeny.


spotted pouch close-up


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