Paphiopedlium emersonii

Paph. emersonii

Paph. emersonii close-up

Paph emersonii belongs to the parvisepalum(parvi) section of paphs, exhibiting the characteristic inflated balloon like pouch. Reputed to be a slow grower and a recalcitrant bloomer, this plant bloomed in a 3" pot on a single growth.

The large size of the bloom is another characteristic of this species, and indeed of this section, and larger growing cultivars can have flowers more than 10 cms. across.

Like other parvisepalums, the bloom has a large colorful staminode as shown in the close-up to the bottom-left. The spotting inside the pouch, a characteristic exhibited by some of the other parvi species, is also apparent.

The in-rolling of the lower edge of the petals and the dorsal sepal are among its 'faults' from a hybridizers' point of view, but breeders have used emersonii to  increase flower size. The yellowish pouch can also be transmitted to its progeny. This has been used to advantage in hybrids like Kabuki Moon(x Virgo) which have round  ivory blooms with contrasting yellow-green pouches.

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